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We are ready to admit that all we are looking for as westerners | easterners, what we defined as good and valuable, is quite an unprecedented opposite.

We are the butterflies of ‘No we won’t movement’. The climate nano transformers.
With this manifesto
we are taking deep changes in our daily lives, towards balanced Earth.
We are the new world’s libra, the symbol of justified equilibrium.

‘We will no longer harm the Earth’ is our hymn for humanity on earth.
We affirm that the earth should be enriched with new state of mind:
state of linger and enoughness.

We are implementing six green rules of Appropriate Technology.
Small-scale, decentralized, labour-intensive, energy-efficient,
environmentally sound or friendly and locally autonomous.

We are ending the inhumane-brutal-hardware- development, 
that has elevated a pensive immobility, ecstasy, and sleep.
We intent to begin beautiful - primary - software - living, even if need to use vigorous action, a feverish insomnia, the racer’s stride, the tumultuous leap, the punch, and the slap.

We will uproot every over-profitable organizations, every environment damaging company, every corrupt politicians and industries, every earth polluting company or individuals.

We are not wasting power to worship the past,
but to create new era - ©BALANCED COEXISTISM with fierce action and creation.
Creativity without harmful politicians and damaging industries. Without ideologies, but only one religion - the balanced Earth.

Everybody must ask themselves, what really matters and then prepare for positive change of habits. There should be 8 billion climate nano transformations starting right now.
The only beauty is in struggle.
Such a transformation will be achieved with courage and
towards oneself, towards one's neighbours and towards society as a whole.

Our vision is that every human being on our planet should have half of his or her
life involved and connected in balanced green activities
for planet Earth.
50% of our working time is spent at ©Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU.

4 + 4 hour workday
Such a green change of working time will reverse the damaging process of urbanisation in all countries, especially in developing countries, and the United Nations should immediately promote and support such a move towards the innovation of a smart new rural.

We promote smart new lifestyle in Personal Biodiversity Units - PBUs.
Urban life style as we know it, should be abandoned by 2050.

From now on (2020), natural areas can no longer be sacrificed for new buildings or construction of any kind. Not on land, not at sea and not in the air.
We must stop with building new on new pristine natural locations or expanding cities
We need to take stock of all existing built structures, review, rethink them 
and then rebuild, renovate, innovate them - RENOINNO!
No more pure-urban orientated jobs.

City people will become a balanced, environmental-friendly (sustainable) inhabitants of the planet Earth. This will be achieved by new 4 + 4 hour workday. 

Farmers with help of all society will redesign their work and daily lives to sustain themselves without intensive livestock farming, without growing monocultures and without using artificial fertilisers.
Led by farmers world society will practice 
silvopasture, permaculture, agroforestry, poly-cropping
in natural friendly way.

Clusters of PBUs as wildlife and green-eco-friendly human communities will be involved with inventive architecture TIMELESS SHELTER 777 and fully supported. 
We want to break with existing living anomalies of capitalism and never look back.

Force should be put in action, towards preservation of wild and rural, with emphasis on smart habitation with principles and processes of strategic sustainable BIO-ARCH-TECH.

International law should oblige every country to have an executive law, that allows for the person, only one happy job at a time.

Profit is forbidden. We promote enoughness.

We consider as harmful, existing phenomena as success by competition at any cost, overdevelopment, endless economic growth, growth of everything, overpopulation, profit, contemporary forms of slavery, mass media overcommunication, unrestrained telecommunication, excessive transport and hypermobility harmful to the humanity and Earth.

Be ready not to be successful at any cost. Not to overdevelop. Not to make a profit. Not to have many children. Not to hear the news at all times. Not to use a ICTs mobile devices continuously. Not to consume a lot of products that require transport. Not to travel and be mobile for all purposes at every second.
Because only this is balanced, environmental-friendly and sustainable.

Be ready to understand that: 
‘Having children is the most destructive thing a person can do to the environment’. 
Overpopulation is many times proven scientific fact. 
For this reason, consider having only one child.
Child is just another human with 60-90 years day-to-day impacts, harnessing natural resources and furthermore changing biophysical environment, ecosystems and biodiversity.

UN must recognise overpopulation as a major cause of the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, migration, inequality and provide to the states a sustainable model for starting the process of population decline in all of 195 countries in the world, today.

We believe, that today world ‘population bomb’ is not only the harmful for our planet, so it is consequently harmful to us, too. Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own, so is the Earth biosphere. We start fights to change people overpopulating behaviour.
Today humanity cannot prevent severe famines, the spread of disease, social unrest, ecological degradation, increased conflicts, and a higher risk of large-scale disasters like pandemics.

We declare 7+ paramount  fights | revolutions (F | R) for 
the fundamental resources
we need to win back.

Fight | revolution (F | R) for fresh air, clean water and healthy soil & food, 
stopping destruction of natural environment.

Continuous fights | revolutions (F | R) against: damaging economics, damaging politicians & politics, harmful built environment and damaging production attitudes.

Common aspirations towards balanced, environmental-friendly (sustainable) life:
New international agreement should promote till limitation, two air flights per person per year. 
In that spirit the architects and planners must aspire for rejection new airport projects!
Implementation of international agreement, guiding a person to own only up to two new cars in their lifetime on Earth. 
Immediate introduction of putting in action only-every-second-day driving schedule and odd–even rationing. Speed limit on green new roads should not exceed 70 km/h, worldwide.
Solar energy should become the cheapest and most affordable energy on Earth.
Solar-pedal-hybrid vehicles should be priority development, worldwide.
Cruise ships and other luxury watercraft should be by low, worldwide permanently anchored in the land of ownership, redesigned and modernised for residents who are homeless. 
We trade luxury, for necessity.

We should and we can sustain such a drastic air pollution drop, as we experienced it during COVID-19 time. New order, that will accept basic agreements about global organized fight against air pollution, should be established.

Developed countries should send a high number of water experts, to underdeveloped regions of the world, to help remedy with poor water management and assist in establishing ecological management of water cycles and resources.

The whole world plastic bottle manufacturing industry should shift, to the production of long-term organic drinking water infrastructure. The construction industry with architectural designers should be trained, to implement simple functional fountains as most sustainable solution.

We advocate for food security. Therefore all global food production should be excluded from the export profit network and each country should start to rely on its own food production leading towards food sufficiency and self-sufficiency. A ratified agreement by UN in the collection of treaties between countries, banning the export of food,
with very few exceptions

We highly promote plant rich diets, vegetarian and vegan diets. To stop holocaust of intensive animal farms and meat production industry, countries should accept a long time ago, but in year 2022 for certain, that meat or fish can be available in restaurants only twice a week. Meat or fish can only be purchased by citizens twice a week at a personally assigned butcher shop or fish market. Intensive meat or fish production should be abandoned completely, until year 2030.

All the worlds’ national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and rainforests
including all of Arctic and Antarctic
should be strictly protected through UN.
This all belongs to the Earth, not to humans.

Living green stuff must be produced, instead of dead technology!
We support all kind of Climate Crisis drawdown solutions which will led towards ©BALANCED COEXISTISM: tree intercropping, conservation agriculture, silvopasture, coastal wetland restoration, forest protection, tropical forest restoration, food forest, abandoned farmland restoration.

New politics - dispersed assembly of wise - new every two years upon merits
To avoid existing centralized political organization that imposes and enforces rules over a population within a territory common even in democracies, 
to circumvent the current system of corporate-political collusion, 
job profile politician should be terminated.
We call out for an assembly of wise people in areas of expertise that are far from
the financial sector, corporations and politics. 

Sustainable new inventive job profiles
needs to be applied to underdeveloped third world countries,
instead of money donations from ’rich’.
Rearranging working-survival systems of people and conditions in states by system ©BALANCED COEXISTISM, will dictate new, at this time not existing job profiles. 
Inventive job profiles, based on different climate characters and specifics of landscape they belong, where socio-economic cell Personal Biodiversity Unit is located, must be established. Old one should be softly transformed and some abandoned.

©BALANCED COEXISTISM education model 
Completely new innovative education programs should be prepared and implemented in developed countries, to start preparing new generations for future sustainable oriented jobs that will benefit towards balanced Earth.
The most important education starts in edu-clusters of Personal Biodiversity Unit, on a principle ‘it takes a village to educate a child’ in combination of Montessori method of education.

All these changes can only be enabled by a new way of life - ©Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU, invention by Earth like me, base for new world order ©BALANCED COEXISTISM.
A world's climate saviour!

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