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world second personal biodiversity unit - PBU

Copy of green 1.png

Brand new world of PBUs - Earth' Hyper sustainable spots

the foundation for ©Balanced Coexistism on Tanzania coast in 2023!

Co-fund World Second ‘Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU’, a new POST COVID-19 world lifestyle for every person! On Tanzania coast!

Justice for Gaia & people!



Our project’s product is a net of inventions Personal Biodiversity Units PBUs on special locations on planet Earth. We already succeeded to do the World First Personal Biodiversity Unit, one first one which was our home, knowledge hub, design hub, and a ‘church’ for local people for 6 years. But unfortunately, it was taken away just recently from us by Tigray war, Ethiopia in November 2020! We were forced to leave. We just survived one month of bombing, missiles and shooting, we luckily managed to evacuate, but we stayed without our home, jobs and without our plants, trees, animals, and cat DOT! We are at the moment practically planning from the hotel! But we will not surrender and we are planning to establish the new ones - Second, third and more world Personal Biodiversity Units.
But let us stick with the Second one at this time! 

We are inviting you to join rescuing green locations - as future Hyper sustainable spots of the Earth.


|       FIND OUT ABOUT Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S     |

Beach rituals addicts | 1   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Expertise mission trips buffets | 2    . . . ► 
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Main goal & Mission

Main goal of PBUs is preservation of planet Earth natural locations which are under threat to be sold for damaging developments and show to people how they can live total new lifestyle
By preservation we mean
living green by 50 % of our time   |   live activities and work with almost no transport   | designing 24/7 but only with local resources   |   creating with our own hands   | enhancing of indigenous biodiversity by daily gardening, inviting wildlife fauna species   |   we do not build new, we renovate   |   invention of special programs on these locations to help local community   |   sharing knowledge with global community for appropriate prosperity
With a creation of World Second PBU we will share
personal experience & expertise of living green   |   the most original stories you can be part of   |   the appropriate knowledge where is needed most with Appropriate Technologies   |   relaxation of travellers by activities which you do not get anywhere else   |   create jobs for local people   |   active hub, where people from developed world will come and share practical knowledge (about water resources, electrical resources, solar power)

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Readers of natural phenomena | 3    . . . ►  
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Dinning under the palm arches | 4    . . . ► 
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      | 

History & Prototype of World First PBU 

The world first PBU was created on coordinates 13°28'44.7''N 39°27'03.5''E, and serves as real life experiment - full working prototype as you can see on the pictures; two people, 95m2 indoor space, 355m2 outdoor space, 76 different fauna species, 52 different flora species, one domestic cat. Small house, large garden, electricity not available non-stop, water not available non-stop, internet not available non-stop, no vacuum cleaners, no washing machines, no dishwashers, no car, producing small quantities of food, providing clean air, doing bio composting, contribute to biodiversity.

 World first ©PERSONAL BIODIVERSITY UNIT - PBU 2020 the foundation for ©Balanced Coexistism 

We set the idea & prototype of post COVID-19 living. But to sustainably perform long-lasting environmentally friendly living, working and maintaining ©PBU, we need to show governments throughout the world how they need to systematically reorganize states by ©BALANCED COEXISTISM new world order.

00_intro world first PBU.JPG

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      | 
Chlorophyll listeners | 5    . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |  
Magical herb lovers, aloe & more | 6    . . . ► 
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |


New world order BALANCED COEXISTISM vision 


000_©Balanced Coexistism 3.png

We envisioned new post COVID 19 world order and we named it ©BALANCED COEXISTISM. What is it about? Our vision is that every single human being on our planet should be, half of its all life engaged in connecting balanced green activities towards planet Earth. All nations embrace, as an efficient fight against climate emergency, new living-working systems. In 2021 all states must introduce priorities:
When person is born gets its own PBU   |   There is universal basic income UBI   |  4 + 4 hour workday with Creative green Personal Triple Income PTI   |   Restructure of existing welfare system   |   Working more than 8 hours is forbidden   |   Appropriate technologies - small is beautiful   |   Automation and AI is highly reduced   | Competition is off   |   Profit is forbidden   |   There is no real estate term - all land belongs to planet Earth   |   People are guests on it   |   Only one happy job per person is guaranteed   |   One child per family recommended   |   50% connection with animals and plants at all times   |   Earth natural taxes.
How these could become possible?

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      | 
Eco - Food & Cook enthusiasts | 7    . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      | 

Healthy sunbaths & ocean swimming | 8   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Invention of '©Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU

0000_©Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU 3.p
00000 Appropriate Technologies 3.png

Each country/state in the world provides her/ him one PBU property - small universe of biodiversity. PBU cannot be sold for money, it can be only exchanged for another PBU anywhere on planet. As a ‘real estate’ in old thinking it has no value.
©PBU must contain at least 7 species of indigenous flora and at least 7 species of indigenous fauna. Each individual is legally responsible for their own small universe of biodiversity. PBU is not (at no circumstances) build as new, so it will not occupy no new natural site, land, place, location from 2021.

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Green gastronomy at PBU baobab | 9   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Bird watchers & fruit pickers | 10   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Appropriate Technology principles on every PBU  

Appropriate Technology - AT rules on every PBU are:
small is beautiful   |   we do not cut even one tree   |   we live the life almost without unnecessary gadgets (unnecessary artificial objects)   |   we do architecture and designing is by recycling, using local products   |   we do not build new, we renovate/innovate - WE RENOINNO!   |  we eat mostly legumes, vegetables and fruits, meat or fish only once or twice per week or we are vegan  |   we do composting to develop self-sustainable gardening for partly self-production   |   we produce some fruits in PBU orchards   |   we do not make damaging profit   |   in order to sustain, maintain and manage biodiverse green body & architectural structures we offer staying, engaging and active participation during relaxation time for fair prices

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Outdoor PBU design pampering | 11    . . . ► 
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Design guerrilla - local resources | 12    . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |


The selected compound to be saved from damaging development in Ethiopia - became World first Personal Biodiversity Unit, and this is what it looked like before:

000000 before.JPG

compaund before becoming a World First PBU 

We fight against this!

If we would not selected this compound and protected it by our knowledge, daily activity, will and energy it would be long ago sold for damaging developments and become something like this - all green & biodiverse gone:

000000 we fight this.JPG

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Garden arts & crafts crusaders | 13    . . . ► 
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Green Design ‘victims’ | 14    . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Our plan

We already selected new potential locations in Tanzania coast, Africa to become next PBUs. 
After an exhaustive analysing, we know we've found the perfect place to launch our next PBU location and by that make sure that the idea, creation and preservation will become world Hyper sustainable heritage for post COVID-19 world.

We can confirm the new compound is chosen by the AT rules for PBU
It has outdoor space of four acres   |   it has indoor spaces suitable for two people to live there   |   It has potential of spaces suitable for creation of relax-spaces for travellers, exchange knowledge point, indigenous gardening, food production, maybe even water production, green design research …   |   It has potential to create and share opportunities   |   to expand the most original experiences  |   give the appropriate knowledge where most needed   |   relaxation of beneficial travellers by activities which you do not get anywhere else   |   to create jobs for local people

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |
Educators for local community | 15    . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      | 
Biodiverse buffs & Green Thumbers | 16    . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Climate conditions

The Would Second Personal Biodiversity Unit is planned in Tanzania by the ocean. Climate is hot and humid.

How it will be designed

|   Place   |   It is very true that for us as ‘makers of the magic with spaces’, we need to be very familiar with the place. We need to know ‘built structure’ and ‘green structure’ inside out - in detail. This is the matter we design with and make the magic. For us every tree, every bush, every plant matters and must stay untouched. Climate crisis is real. So it is necessary for us to be there to do the architectural project work.   |  Works we have in plan   |     Renovation of main house, renovation of two cottages, restoration of baobab tree areas, creation of eco-glamping site, planting of 50 more indigenous flora species, attracting 20 new fauna species wildlife, creating 3-6 jobs for local people and more.

©Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU sateli

©Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU site plan satellite drawing 

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      | 
Lovers of beauty & ocean swimmers | 17   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      | 
Indoor PBU pampering | 18   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |
|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |

Members of world second PBU | 19   . . . ►
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Vision we would like to offer

We would like you to offer a vision how this place can be designed and become a real Architecture not only house on green compound, but as the same time Second world PBU.
That means that it will become a state of the art location, naturally and economically self-sufficient place of aesthetic, knowledge-exchange point and unprecedented example of post COVID-19 future living. 


Timing & Stages

All-encompassing Campaign   :   March 2023   |   Creators move on compound   :   April 2023   |   Second world PBU is ready for actions   :   creations & involvement   :  May 2023   |   Rewards sent out   :   creations & involvement   :   October 2023



These are extraordinary times, pandemic once in 100 years! We are ready to move on the selected location immediately when campaign is successfully concluded! On the day we raise money - with your help, confidence & trust we will do the project in real time. Like in World first PBU as life experiment. The procedures will go:
First 3 months 
|   Research  |   By staying at the compound (property we will buy by your co-founders help) we will do the research on the whole place, cultural identity and natural specifics.   |   Preliminary plans   |   Then we will make preliminary plans according to our Hyper sustainable vision. Than we will go to the second phase and prepare final idea plans. This will give all of us a general idea of the scope of possible PBU development. 
Second 3 months
|   Plans for tender   |   Based on idea plans we will prepare the plans for materializations (plans for tender) with precise financial breakdown of the planned investment, the base for design renovation works.   |   Plans of details   |   And finally we will prepare plans of details.   All this expertise includes, designing landscapes, designing exteriors - structure, designing interiors - furniture


April - September 2023

During first six months we will produce the best biodiverse architectural project ever to take steps into its realization - renovation - innovation! RENOINNO! At that time, the situation with the pandemic will be more clear and easier.
We are the people who can make original and authentic stories for Hyper sustainable spots on Earth - Personal Biodiversity Units for post COVID 19 world in 21th century.

October 2023   |   Rewards sent out   

After six months with successful raised founds IN MARCH 2021 YOU will be able to visit the place, engage in the activities or just come as a traveller and enjoy & learn about the World  Second PBU - Hyper sustainable spot of the Earth.


Award for everyone who has pledged in harmony to their abilities


We will give everyone who has pledged in harmony to their abilities, colourful green rewards that includes stay at World second Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU!

21 6 22_.jpg

You will love it!

Award for everyone who has pledged in harmony to their abilities 
|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

|       Y  O  U  R      R  E  W  A  R  D  S      |


Become a co-founder of world second Personal Biodiversity Unit!


With your help, we will create a place which is fighting climate emergency in style! Become a climate nano transformer, today! Tomorrow, we will together with you backers & supporters, succeed to rescue place for World second PBU. This green piece of Earth, will never be treated like real estate to make damaging profit, but will stay green part of Earth on which we are only guests. We have already plan to save World third and fourth PBU. With this we will have a real base to show governments throughout the world, this kind of post COVID-19 new lifestyle is possible to live in green & peaceful comfort and continue into direction of the new world order BALANCED COEXISTISM.

|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

Become a co-founder of world second PBU! 

|       ).(  .  .  ).(      ).(  .  .  ).(  .  .  ).(      |

23 6 24_Become a co-founder of world sec

Ultimate motivation for pioneering backers of World second ©Personal Biodiversity Unit 

Dominika and Damijan, we are not greedy people. We do not believe in economic growth, we think profit is killing the world. We will be satisfied to run successfully second PBU, so the pioneering backers and supporters of this project will also get lifetime permission with all rights and duties of PBU’s rules to use knowhow, ideas and copyrighted names ©PBU and ©BC for their PBUs. Furthermore, we will become their backers.
The net of PBUs will spread and the planet will slowly become one big Hyper sustainable spot in universe - the Earth!
Because this is the only way for humanity to survive. And there will be no climate change, no more environmental devastation, no more wars!

It's worth it



Founders & Team

25_Founders & team C.jpg

Dominika Batista PhD & Damijan Jermancic MDes 


Dominika Batista PhD,
is principal architect of Studio db AI, Associate Professor for Architectural Design and Technology, Co-founder of hyper sustainable platforms Arhišektura Arhitecture, and Earth Like Me - No we won’t movement and inhabitant of World First PBU
Damijan Jermancic MDes,
Is Graphic Designer and Photographer, University Lecturer for Typography, Computer graphic design, Visual communication Multimedia, Co-founder of hyper sustainable platforms Arhišektura Arhitecture, and Earth Like Me - No we won’t movement, inhabitant of World First PBU


Risks and challenges

World second PBU participant, guests, friend and members will have to calculate their Ecological footprint. World second PBU participant, guests, friend and members will have to make Climate Nano transformation by commitments from Earth Like Me and share it! Second personal Biodiversity unit will constantly monitor and improve its Urban/rural metabolism

Environmental commitments
Long-lasting design

All design in World Second PBU is long-lasting, produced from natural, quality and local materials.

Reusability and recyclability

World Second PBU is 100% committed to reusability and recyclability.

Sustainable materials

World second Personal Biodiversity Unit will use local and natural materials. Often, like side product from food, farming or other* green activities. *to invent new, today not existing, green activities.

Environmentally friendly factories

World Second Personal Biodiversity Unit is Hyper-sustainable factory itself.

Sustainable Distribution

We will encourage our guests, participants, friends, and members to avoid airplane transport and travel by most green options available.

Something else

World second PBU participant, guests, friend and members will have to calculate their Ecological footprint. World second PBU participant, guests, friend and members will have to make Climate Nano transformation by commitments from Earth Like Me and share it! Second personal Biodiversity unit will constantly monitor and improve its Urban/rural metabolism
Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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