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©personal biodiversity unit - PBU

the foundation for ©Balanced Coexistism

General conditions of ©PBU inside new world order
©PBU is a whole new world of living and working standards for third millennium.
When a citizen is born, each country/state in the world 
provides her/ him with ©Personal Biodiverse Unit - PBU,  150m2 of living space - 50m2 of indoor 100m2 of outdoor space.
©Personal Biodiverse Unit - PBU must contain at least 7 species of indigenous flora and at least 7 species of indigenous fauna.
Each individual is legally responsible for their own small universe of biodiversity.
PBU is not (at no circumstances) build as new, so it will not occupy no new natural site, land, place, location from 2020.
All PBUs on planet are existing rearranged buildings/structures of all types. 
World fund of all buildings types must be restructured, renovated, redirected according to PBU needs.
We do not built new, we renovate/innovate - WE RENOINNO! 


Specific conditions of PBU
Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU cannot be sold for money, it can be only exchanged for another PBU anywhere on planet.
As a ‘real estate’ in old thinking it has no value. All land belongs to planet Earth.
PBU value is in its added value that means in how good condition is the fauna and flora on it 
along with (small green business) program attached.
This will present value for ‘goods exchange’ or money exchange.


Consequences of implementation of Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU
Office spaces, industries, etc will be 50% less occupied (let's take aside special situation during a pandemic), 
that means that they can be gradually redefined (relieved).
Former poorly, unsustainably planned working spaces will gradually transform in green mix with urban personal biodiversity units - uPBU.
All kind of Industries will be able to produce less, but more quality products which will cause less pollution.
People will live healthier, more dynamic and less harmful. 
Personal Biodiversity Units will automatically create some self-sufficiency, consequently less short distance transports will be used.
The world will no longer need so many artificial sports facilities and sports equipment, 
because people will be moving daily in touch with nature on fresh air.
People will be partly but still daily in meaningful connection with land, animals and plants.
There will be less stress.
Less stress will lead to less need for medicine and hospitals.
People will live with more empathy, more respect for wildlife. 
There will be less need for wars.
Connected daily with nature, people will travel less. There will be less long distance transports.
Priority of one human life will no longer be running after money to provide basic things.
Priority of one human life will be no longer to find (impossible) job.
Priority of one human life will be to concentrate of what is really important in life.


Because (possible) parents will be 50% at PBU home, child can be home-educated if they want so. 
Older and young generation will co-exist on Personal Biodiversity Unit PBU.
There is no obligatory primary schools, but new system of quality teaching inside PBU communities.


PBU is Climate & socio-economic solution 
There will be less need for over-consumption, over-exploitation, and environmental devastation. 
The daily race for money, success, development, profit and need for environmentally harmful (large) families (of hungry) children will calm down.
People/economy will be relieved, and 20 century biggest mistakes will soon be forgotten.
There will be no overheating of the planet Earth. 
No overpopulation …
A happy life on Earth in connection with nature.


Types of PBUs
Former ‘urban’ buildings/structures become new Urban PBUs
Former ‘rural’ buildings/structures become new Rural PBUs
Personal Biodiversity Units PBUs are:
- Continent Original CO (culture: language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts)
- Climate Specific CS (temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, altitude)
- Geographic Information System GIS (spatial, geographic data maps) dependent creations.

We declare these three attribute groups as three main rules.

coming soon!

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