UN process of population decline in all
Savior of the world_Personal Biodiversit

new world order - ©balanced coexistism

Historical shift 2020


We call on the United Nations - General Assembly of the United Nations
to organize
Emergency special session
"Uniting for new world order ©Balanced Coexistism - world saviour"

We call on individual national governments of 206 sovereign states,
to examine with the best national independent experts
Earth like me's proposal and suggest national specifics to world order Balanced Coexistism.

Leaders and governments face new responsibilities. 
Politician job it can be performed by intellectuals as activity of prestige and respect. 
Politian not payed job is only 4 hours daily, 
because they must also as all nation take care for their ‘Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU’, the foundation for ©Balanced Coexistism.
 This way decisions for national developments will become less harmful and corrupted.
All states bureaucratic apparatuses must not exceed 1% of the state’s population.
At this moment leaders and governments has really difficult job to do. 
First they need to educate themselves beyond nationalistic frames. 
They need to stop thinking inside of the national box and abandon non-functional old-fashioned systems
 of black/white public/private communist or capitalist ways. 
Change for the better will be faster if all 7. 7 billion of us start changing our existing life patterns.
We should totally rearrange working-survival systems and conditions of states. 
Now, we need to demand the foundation for ©Balanced Coexistism, a new world order.
 The one and only possible way - ©Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU, a new pattern for survival.
PBU will give the foundation of totally new daily life for humans.
Nations must first be taught about these righteous directions 
and become aware of entirely new daily-bases-moves. 
We live in a world with experience of COVID-19 virus for which there is no cure, 
and this is the easiest exercise for leaders and governments in comparison what awaits us with climate breakdown.
Now is the time when governments, in conjunction with large corporations around the world, 
should take the right, moral, ethical and appropriate directions.
This is the moment when existing large corporations have to disintegrate, 
furthermore profits and accumulated wealth should immediately be earmarked for Universal Basic Income - UBI.
CEOs should be given honourable recognition because their mentality has been validated by past philosophies as a success.
Governments should start to propagate appropriateness | appropriate technologies 
with the main definition ‘Small is beautiful’ (people matter), 
which comes so ironically from one smart economist. 
‘Production by the masses, not mass production’ is another one of his statements. 
If only there would be 50% such economists on the planet, we would be half saved.



Restructure of existing welfare system
Working more than 8 hours is forbidden. 
Automation and AI is highly reduced.
Competition is off. 
Profit is forbidden. 
There is no real estate term - all land belongs to planet Earth. People are guests on it.
Only one happy job per person is guaranteed.
One child per family recommended.
Universal Basic Income - UBI is implemented in 2020 worldwide. 
UBI has widespread support from professional economists from 1995.

Inside Balanced Coexistism, we have three types of personal income: Universal Basic state Income UBI, 
possible land-friendly income (small green business at the person's choice), 
and a wage to work in the job for which s/he was educated or trained. 
This creative green Personal Triple Income PTI will have positive effects on pension and tax policies.
The agreed difference in financial income between the richest and poorest person in the world should not be more than 777 times.
Professional work (job) from PBU home is highly encouraged.

Four-hour workday must be spent in Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU 
in conjunction with the indigenous living creatures/nature for which s/he is responsible.
Economists may interpret this as Earth natural tax.

A person may have adequate financial income from activity on Personal Biodiversity Unit - PBU, 
but not more than his Universal Basic Income UBI. 
Two to four-hour workday can be perform somewhere else by personal profession. 
The 100 anniversary of Labour Day, is an ideal milestone for this positive change.

PBU the foundation for ©Balanced Coexistism

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