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Why movement NO WE WON’T is crucial?

It is all inter-connected. 
We live in the same circle with phenomena called nature,

the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, 
and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. 
Human lack of respect for natural world is immense.

Circle it is closing fast and furious.
Alarming researches have been published daily, latest pandemic

of COVID-19 is a serious reminder,
and 7.53 billion nano transformations towards balance on Earth must start now, with simple genius solutions. 
We all liked Obamas’ Yes we can, 
but humanity does not need to exercise what it can do,
but to linger. 
Humans can do all of state-of-the-art developments, cutting edge devices, techniques or sciences. 
But it is high time to say 
No we won’t. 
No, we will no longer harm Earth.
We have chosen so, because we know it would be harmful for our planet and consequently to us.
With this manifesto I declare

7+ wars | fights | revolutions (W | F | R) 
for three paramount resources 
that we need to win them back:

fresh air, clean water, and healthy food.

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balanced earth


A game changer - rethinking

human values

mindsetter Dominika Batista_Earth like m

It is all connected. We live in the same circle. 
With its 'values', humanity has brought the environment into such an imbalance that it will cause its own extinction. 
Natural resources are limited, and renewable only to some point. 
As a humanity we are already behind this limit, if we do not act

at once as ‘NO WE WON’T’ movement,

consequences will be grave!
Unless YOU AND YOU AND YOU are ready for drastic change,

from governments of the states to each individual.

No, we will no longer harm Earth is

 NO WE WON’T movement of climate nano transformers. We have definitely entered a new phase of planetary history - the Anthropocene epoch.
We live in chaos where a small change can give rise to a big tidal wave. So we are butterflies. With a simple movement like

that of a wrong flapping of a wing,
 we can give a rise to a tornado somewhere else. Be a butterfly

of NO WE WON’T movement and make an effect

towards balanced earth.
The circle is closing. We are at the end or at beginning. At end of insane like hardware development and at the beginning of software primary beautiful life. 

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are you ready?

Are you ready to admit that all we are looking for
as westerners | easterners, what we defined as good and valuable,
is quite an unprecedented opposite?

So I ask you, politician, businessman, information technician, travel agent, artist, medical nurse, doctor, scientist, engineer, 
public administrator, teacher, architect, movie star are you ready to become a balanced - environmentally friendly (sustainable) inhabitant of the planet? 
A farmer or half-farmer? Are you ready to redesign your daily life to sustain yourself without money but in natural way? 
Because only this will harm the Earth as much as the planet can replace. We overpopulated human species of 7.53 billion are causing the problem 
and therefore we must be the solution ourselves. 7.53 billion people is climate change and nothing else.

Are the world nations really prepared for taking the path towards balanced - environmentally friendly (sustainable) life?
Because are you really ready?
Are you ready to live without electricity every second day? 
Are you ready to live as four member’s family with 300 litres of water for 14 days? 
Because this is sustainable. Are you ready to drink blood from your cow instead of killing it?   Because only this is balanced - environmentally friendly.

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